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From Gavin on May22, 2017 - 
"Hi mom I'm doing great, the Welches are nice, my companion is elder Tolbert, I've been put in Maysville Kentucky, the air here is very humid so using lotion would just turn me to goo, the temperature has been sitting in the 80s, the missionary vehicle is a Toyota rav4, the ward is only a forth the size of what is at home, and the apartment is decent. I notice a lot of Elena in your emails to me and where did you put the hammock? Because of availability I'm not able to see your emails to me as often, but I look forward to hearing from all of you. I have been able to get e-mails from Michael also. We have been able to teach people who are interested in the church and also have lessons for less-active members in their houses. Some of the houses smell like smoke and also dogs.There are pleasant people to. Also something around here is really pushing my allergies to where the aller tec is only keeping the worst of it at bay while even with it I…

Arriving in Ohio - May 15, 2017

President and Sister Welch